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A Thio Material manhole is produced in a similar way to a classical concrete manhole. The pit is robust and consists of a base unit provided with shaft units and a cover slab. All this, in a smooth wet cast production process  to guarantee the high-quality characteristics as to DWF (dry weather flow)  of the whole manhole. A PTV (technical regulation) is being finalized, which  will result in a  COPRO or BENOR quality label at your disposal.

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A type of pipe that is extremely suitable as a DWF sewer. It has a robust construction, but is thinner walled than concrete. The standard length is 3 metres, and it is easily layed thanks to the smooth spigot and an innovative sealing system. This consists of a thin-walled and high impact resistant double socket coupling, so that the placing-sensitive bell & spigot connection  is avoided. The double socket coupling has approved seals, resists a water pressure of 1 bar and allows a high degree of angular rotation.

House connection

The socket coupling has been pre-formed in the pipe body, so damage during laying or an excavation is avoided. All types of materials (vitrified clay pipes, pvc, …) can be connected to it.