Application area up to 80°C

Sulphur concrete was tested  for compressive and tensile strength as well as its dynamic E-module and creep (1 year). This within a range of temperatures between 20 an 80°C in order to check its performance in hot environmental temperatures and its contact with fluids at high temperatures etc.

The results showed that with repeated fluctuations in temperature the mechanical characteristics do not change in the required range of up to 70°C as they do for elements in cement concrete.  Within this range of temperatures the performance of sulphur concrete is similar to or even better than classic cement concrete. Incidental higher temperatures are permitted if they are of a short or fleeting nature. When exposed to 80°C for a long time, sulphur concrete still retains 95% of its initial strength.

  •  Research centre: SGS Intron (NL)
  • Tested in accordance with: NEN-EN 12390-3, NEN-EN 12390-6, NEN-EN 1992-1-1)