Durability in chemically aggressive environments (pH 0-12)

In the area of durability the Thio Material or sulphur concrete particularly excels in its resistance against chemically aggressive environments. Testing samples were subjected to a long-lasting immersion test in chemically aggressive environments according to the international standard ISO 10545-1. Lees meer

Application area up to 80°C

Thio Material was tested  for compressive and tensile strength as well as  its dynamic E-module and creep (1 year). This within a range of temperature between 20 an 80°C in order to check its performance in hot environmental temperatures and its Lees meer

Extremely low permeability

With its dense structure and its hydrophobic nature Thio Material is nearly impervious and is characterized by a very low permeability. The water absorption fluctuates between 0.2 % and 0.5%, which is very low in comparison with cement concrete, which Lees meer

Resistance against repeated temperature cycles

A succession of significant temperature fluctuations can lead to an accelerated decrease of material performance.  Tests held during 150 day cycles between –20°C and 60°C combined with a relatively high degree of humidity, prove that Thio Material does not show Lees meer

Resistance against erosion

During  experimentation, the performance of Thio Material was tested in multiple ways. The  wearing resistance, tested in accordance with the wide wheel abrasion test (Capon), shows the same performance  when compared to cement concrete. Furthermore, big plates – ‘Ecopanels’ – Lees meer

Resistance against vibrations

At the test centre of SNCF (National Railway Company of France) dynamic tests were conducted during which the test piece, made Thio Material, was tested with a load varying between 10 and 126 kN during 3.106 cycles. After this test, there Lees meer

No leaching

An important characteristic for a material that comes into contact with ground- and surface water is its resistance to leaching. An extensive examination was conducted to establish  whether the used raw materials, such as fly ashes, colour pigments and other Lees meer

A2 fire class

At WRF GENT (BE), tests on the fire-resistance Thio Material have been conducted.  Thio Material can be classified under fire class A2. From this test, it can be concluded that the behaviour of this material does not contribute to a fire. Lees meer