An innovative and circular system!

ThioTube is a durable, chemically resistant (pH 1-12) and robust sewerage system based on the innovative sulphur concrete. Due to the unique material properties and the clever joint connection, the system guarantees a very long lifespan.

There is no need for protective measures such as coatings and linings, or deformation measurements which would guarantee stability. ThioTube is therefore the most optimal and manageable asset for (DWF) road sewerage.

On top of that, the material makes the largest positive contribution to your objectives in the light of ecological transitions which are occurring inevitably.

Designed for the future!

Designed for the future!

By avoiding cement and using low-energy production methods, the CO2 emissions of our sulphur concrete products are exceptionally low compared to conventional concrete cement, aggregates and synthetics. The production of sulphur concrete involves a physical process of melting and solidification that can be repeated infinitely. This makes sulphur concrete 100% circular and it can endlessly be reused in an identical application. We also ensure 100% circularity by using only primary and high-quality raw materials. Thanks to the use of an external polypropylene double socket, all material components can easily be dismantled and separated. Thio Tube is COPRO certified according to PTV 823. The calculation of the life-cycle inventory according to NBN EN 18504+A2-2019 results in excellent environmental ratings. An elaborate recycling experiment was carried out for our railway sleeper. Watch the clip here !