Thiocrete rioleringsbuis uitermate geschikt voor DWA
Thiocrete rioleringsbuis uitermate geschikt voor DWA

Thio Tube

A new competitive system from material to price! 

Thio Tube is a new acid-resistant (pH 0-12) and robust sewerage system made from sulphur concrete.  It combines the robustness and the easy laying of concrete pipes with the acid-resistant character of vitrified clay pipes. Thanks to the ring stiffness Thio Tube products provide an excellent application for sewerage systems.

Furthermore this unique composition permits a monolithic acid-resistant product, that entirely complies with the DWF-requirements (dry weather flow). Protective measures for concrete such as coatings and linings and the habitual accompanying inconveniences definitely belong to the past.

Thanks to many  unique material characteristics and innovative production techniques we have succeeded in developing a sewerage system at a profitable price,

Thio Material  or  Sulphur concrete

Thio Material or Sulphur concrete

Thio Tube products are made of Thio Material or sulphur concrete. This composite material can be compared to cement concrete. While both consist of aggregates, sand, fillers, binder and additives, the cement and water used in cement concrete are replaced by sulphur. Thanks to the innovative production process the sulphur composite is liquidproof and extremely acidproof contrary to lime or cement. Applied in sewerage the tubes and drains are not affected by a acid environment.